Packages and Pricing

Internet Service

All Internet speeds are symmetric, meaning that 100Mb/s services is 100Mb/s upstream and 100Mb/s downstream.

The Monthly quota is an expected monthly usage pattern. We do not charge overage fees, but reserve the right to promote your service to a higher package if the quota is regularly exceeded. Unlimited services are subject to a fair use policy that restricts certain types of activities, such as providing services to others for compensation. For unrestricted service, ask about our wholesale offerings.

Business Internet Service

NameSpeedUsage QuotaMonthly Price
Business Utility10Mb/sUnlimited$54.99
Business Basic25Mb/sUnlimited$79.99
Business Standard100Mb/sUnlimited$114.99
Business Advanced250Mb/sUnlimited$195.99
Business Ultra500Mb/sUnlimited$395.00

Here are some common examples of usage, the services below are showing two different video qualities streamed over an hour. These are very close approximations, in Youtube's case in particular it may vary more as there as so many more variables since their content is user created.

Click here for more information on speed and usage.

Business Telephone

ItemDescriptionMonthly Price
ExtensionEach Telephone Extension$18.00 or $15.00 for 10 or more
Utility ExtensionBasic phone for utility spaces *$10
DIDTelephone Number$2.50
FaxFax Service$15.00
Incoming FaxIncoming fax to E-Mail$8.00
Voice MailVoice Mail only extension$5.00
On-Net MinuteLocal area includes most of Ontario$0.011 per minute
Domestic LD MinuteCanada and U.S.$0.020 per minute

The utility extension option does not include voice mail or other special features, and is intended for utility our courtesy phones. A good example would be a staff room, a stock room, or a warehouse.

Full fax service includes service for outgoing fax, and the choice of incoming fax to E-mail, or delivery to a customer supplied fax machine. The service is suitable for fax only, and is not compatible with modems.

Simple Telephone for Very Small Business

Our Simple Voice service is ideal to replace a single line service with a more modern alternative. With advanced features like voice mail to e-mail, multiple simultaneous calls (requires at least two handsets), and digital clearity, our service helps you connect better with your customers. In combination with our Utility Internet plan, you can move your store into the digital age for the cost of your old business phone line.

ItemDescriptionMonthly Price
Simple VoiceBasic low-cost telephone$25.00
Simple Voice FlatFlat rate local phone$40.00
On-Net MinuteLocal area includes most of Ontario$0.011 per minute
Domestic LD MinuteCanada and U.S.$0.020 per minute

All Simple Voice packages include use of a digital telephone for use with the service. Additional telephones can be purchased for a nominal fee. Analog telephone equipment is not compatible with our network.

Simple Voice Flat includes no-charge incoming and outgoing on-net calls. To check on-net ratecenters, see our Domestic Lookup